About GateGoat

GateGoat was designed as a way to help expedite the registration process at events for the Society of Creative Anachronism. It is meant to supplement the paper registration process by allowing people to fill out the registration form on their smart phones. Currently, Gate Goat only supports individual registrations while it is in the trial stage.

Gate Goat is written in Elixir, using the Phoenix framework. Need to report an issue with Gate Goat? Use the SCA grapevine! A formal feedback system will be developed soon.

Give it a try!

The GateGoat Team

Lady Brighid of Red Spears is professionally a developer that believes in solving problems through the power of technology. She aspires to create useful and intuitive software. She thinks goats are awesome. Also, standing in long lines makes her anxious.

Count Nikolai does not enjoy standing in lines. He has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 20 years and hopes that some of that experience will help people learn about GateGoat so that he'll have to wait in line as little as possible.